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Music and Media Production

Taking sound to a new level

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Capturing the essence of classical music with high quality recordings is our dedicated aim. With experienced professionals and state-of-the-art recording equipment we bring the true magic of performance to your ears.  Hoxa can lead you to discover the next level of your world of sound.

We approach music from all directions, producing sound for over 250 films in the last few years and writing music for broadcast, film and theatre too.

This website is in progress and will expand to include music composition and publishing in Spring 2024.

Analogue instruments deserve analogue recording

Alongside our world class digital capability with surround options, we offer absolute analogue, straight to stereo, recording/editing/cutting.

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Richard Jeffrey-Gray

As a working musician with a lifetime of performance and recording experience, Richard knows how to communicate the essence of your music making.
He leads the Hoxa team, Bristol and London based.

To enquire or for more information about our  services, please contact us here or call us:
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