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Hoxa is a noted music recording company dedicated to preserving the magic of live performances from solo flute to Mahler scale magnificence. With a passion for sound and a commitment to excellence, we can make your performance live for listeners around the world.


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The Pudding.

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Our Pricing

How long is a piece of string? The options and elements to make a good recording and the final media you want from it are so variable that we produce indiviual quotations nearly all the time.  Video is available, though we do liaise with others for more exotic setups than you see above.

To estimate cost for a digital concert recording  of  a classical size orchestra with soloist, as per the example shown above, we can show two prices, plus a three session choir and organ CD. The video above uses the Archive setup as below. Naturally these prices will vary according to your requirements, venue and repertoire.

Please note that these are estimated prices and may vary based on specific requirements and additional services requested. For analogue recording, please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Prices ex VAT.

Live Concert


for archive

  • simple mic capture to stereo
  • One reference CD with appropriate gaps/fades
  • Half day attendance


Live Concert

(for participants)    

for contributor release - as archive plus

  • solo spot mics as necessary
  • 50 cds with simple card inlay / on-body print
  • Copyright clearance
  • Rehearsal attendance as necessary


Choral/Organ CD

(for release)


  • 3 x 3 hour sessions
  • 2 edit versions with reference CDs
  • Factory spec master  
  • 1000 replicated CDs with design & 12pp booklet, delivery to you 
  • Copyright clearance
  • optional producer
  • optional digital distribution via apple/Google/Tidal etc
  • optional Naxos distribution


Sample Products

Our recordings are available from:

Naxos Direct and Presto Classical

Charles Koechlin –
“Les Chants de Nectaire” Op. 198

Charles Koechlin –
“Les Chants de Nectaire”
Op. 199
(Guardian CD of the Month)

Charles Koechlin –
“Les Chants de Nectaire” Op. 200

Organ Music at
Clifton Cathedral

The Complete Lennox Berkeley Solo Piano Works

**** International Piano

The Erebus Ensemble: Live at the
Clifton Festival



An Introduction
to the Piano

And I Saw a 

New Heaven:
Choral Music from Clifton Cathedral