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Microphones include matched pairs of Schoeps, AKG 414EB, KM184, Coles 4038. Pairs and more of original U87i, AKG condenser mics, Rode NT1, Line Audio help fill the picture in, along with kit such as a dozen Beyer M69s for other purposes. Soundfield SP422 surround kit, Sennheiser Ambeo mic kit, AKG C422 (with custom preamp), SM69fet for the multichannel mics. Many Cathedral stands, trolley/boom stands and slinging rope arrangements support these. Decca preamps and others.


Mackie mixers, JoeCo and Sound Designs recorders. Studer A80, A810, PR99, G36. Stereo Vortexion CBL5, many other Vortexions/Ferrographs, 1/4 track stereo Philips large and small for the domestic formats.


Then there are lots of radio mics around for various purposes too. Monitoring is all BBC Grade I of various vintages/complexions from 1979 to 2020 and is arranged in Surround to Dolby spec (using the speakers they used to derive it). Even our OB monitoring is to BBC Grade I spec.


Not for hire! Much of this is vintage kit since it sounds best and must be kept in top notch condition to be reliable, so we don’t let it out of our sight or hearing.