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Naxos Direct and Presto Classical

Charles Koechlin – “Les Chants de Nectaire” Op. 198

Charles Koechlin – “Les Chants de Nectaire” Op. 199

Charles Koechlin – “Les Chants de Nectaire” Op. 200

Organ Music at Clifton Cathedral

The Complete Lennox Berkeley Piano Works




The Erebus Ensemble: Live at the Clifton Festival


An Introduction to the Piano

And I Saw a
New Heaven: Choral Music from Clifton Cathedral

The demise of the CD format as a music carrier has been not so steep with audiophiles and discerning listeners still investing in the format. Hoxa CDs are very carefully produced to provide full value with the format. Print and design, as well as the recording and content, are given attention to make the object something you would want in your home.


Downloads and clouds can’t give you this permanence or ownership of the work, neither can being in front of a computer screen, scouring for music. Do you find the inherent distraction of the computer just being there weakens the musical experience? A CD player has just one job - to play music.


So if you want to explore music, rather than sample only a part of the experience, we offer the selection from our own recordings on this page.


As far as analogue sound goes, our vinyl releases so far have been remastered digitally of necessity. For an all analogue chain we are exploring taking one of our Studer recorders to location and recording/editing entirely in the analogue domain – using the skills we started with. This would result in production of open reel copies, entirely analogue of course, plus maybe compact cassette releases.


To enjoy these recordings elsewhere an AAD CD would be mastered and hi-res downloads made available, so a complete chain of “fi’s” from lo to very hi. Vinyl is nearly impossible to keep entirely analogue. Only a few companies will trust themselves not to overmodulate a cutting head without digital certainty in the chain, which is understandable given the expense of all the parts. That makes vinyl even more expensive to produce in authentic analogue, and this couldn’t be contemplated without certainty of success.


This is an area under development. We have the artists, skills and equipment to make it work easily. The technical investment is made. But will enough people take up the offer to make it worthwhile releasing in analogue?