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Selected Kit List (mostly not hireable!)



AKG SE300B + CK91 (x3)

AKG C3000 (original)

AKG C422

AKG C451 EB (matched pair)

Beyer M69 (x10)

Coles 4038 (matched pair)

Line Audio CM3 (x4)

Neumann KM184 (matched pair)

Neumann SM69fet

Neumann U87i  (matched pair)

Reslo Ribbon

Røde NT1 (x2)

Schoeps MK21/CMC6U (matched pair)

Samson/Sony Radio mics (2 handheld 6 lav)

Soundfield SP422 kit

+ various antique Grampian, Grundig etc as practical stage props



BBC custom built Soundcraft Series 500

(metering all PPM, 24:2:8:6, 5 studio in 3 tape in etc.) configured for Surround production

Soundcraft 200SR 8:4:2

Mackie Onyx 1620i

Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro

+ various smaller units for location recording



4 x BBC LS 5/8 (Rebuilt Quad AM 8/16 amplifiers)

2 x BBC LS 1/2 (powered - centre speaker)

4 x BBC LS 5/9 (BBC AM8/17 + Quad 521f amplifier)

2 x Quad ESL (originals with Quad 520f amplifier)

2 x Quad 50E + 2 x 521f (working spares)

2 x Presonus Eris E8

Studer PR99 (BBC mod)

Revox G36

Line Audio 8ch mic preamp

AKG/Beyer/Sennheisser headphones


Studer A810 (1/4” 2-track with timecode)

2 x Joeco BlackBox

Tascam DR-680

Alesis HD24XR

Mackie SDR 24/96

Tascam DA88 (DTRS with timecode)

Fostex D20B DAT machine (with timecode)

other DAT machines (Sony/Fostex) in good order


Which adds up to traditional 2.0 + 2.1, nearfield 2.0

and surround 5.1 to BBC and Dolby specs plus several OB setups



Apple Mac Pro


Logic Pro


Vienna Symphonic Library

Waves Plugins + Abbey Road

iZotope RX Pro + DSP Quattro + Peak + Spark

Final Cut Studio + DVD Studio Pro, Motion, Compressor, Soundtrack Pro

Sibelius + Finale

inDesign, Quark, Photoshop etc

MOTU 896 + other M-audio/MIDI interfaces and Roland MIDI modules



Mic / speaker stands + slinging rope,

Studio boom trolley stands + suspensions etc

Cathedral stands

Miles of XLR

Multicores + looms etc

Amphenol/Tuchel connectors and cable wired to various specifications

6 x TOA 240W RMS speakers + Digico digital amp.

Various BBC talkback units and cue lights

Garrard 401 + Rega arm and various custom styli for 78 rpm, steel disc etc

Ferrograph Series 5+6 + 2 x Vortexion vintage reel

Quarter track open reel (various Philips/Teac)

MiniDisc - various Sony

Panasonic pro VHS/SVHS machines + Sony/JVC Broadcast monitors etc.

Piano, Virginals, Clavichord + loads of MIDI keyboards/modules

HP A3 colour laser printers

1932 McMichael and 2 x 1937 HMV wireless sets to rest the ears and salve the eyes