Sound Restoration

Music from Mush

Circle Check

Through fire and flood to No.4

From disc, DCC, DAT, minidisc or reel we can transfer or restore sound using the latest AI tools and our ears.

An example: the Folkal Point 1972 album was changing hands for over £4k and the master was lost in fire and flood. We had only two LPs from which to excavate sound and make new vinyl and CD versions, which are acknowledged  to have ended up superior in sound to the original. 

The LP achieved No. 4 in the monthly eBay charts for all
vinyl sales.

Restoring the sound of a master

Allan Schiller chose us to restore his single copy laminated steel records made by Leeds University – a challenge partly since the system used was designed for speech only with the accompanying time and timbre variations.

We have also been entrusted with the Poston and Warlock sound archives along with NYO and BBC transfers.

Musical Composition on Wooden Stand

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