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Hoxa is committed to the highest quality sound.
For broadcast, DVD and film we have 5.1 systems to BBC/Dolby specification and have many CD productions to our credit as well as international broadcasts. We keep the masters at highest resolution for future consumer formats to reveal.


From the start we see your project as a vision of communication and use the technology as transparently as possible. Mostly we specialise in Classical music but, in the past few years...


...we have produced music in surround for cinema ads, formed a radio production arm, remastered vinyl to complete an unfinished 1970s master, recorded two CD releases from sessions over the wires from LA and made film soundtracks for art installations on 8mm mag tape. We have also mastered music concrête for CD – made from household utensils. Currently (2016) we are mastering two LPs and restoring tape for release.


We are also able to engage in restoration from almost any kind of disc and various tape formats along with video sound. We have much experience with PA, recently designing and resourcing the tour of Karl Jenkins’ Requiem for EMI and Classic FM among other projects.


With many years experience in various areas of the music industry we can offer the distinct advantage of a highly trained musician’s ear on your production, recording and output.


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