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Video production and multi-camera shoots have been
a feature of Hoxa production for over 25 years. Our operation moves as the technology changes. Web presence for our clients means that material needs to just work everywhere, for example. This is well understood by Disney and BBC who have used us for various DVD mastering projects.


More recently we have been working in HD on blu-ray. Menu, on-disc and packaging design can all be done
in-house creating a unified look. We have also produced footage and DVD video as material for use
in theatre shows and FOH advertising.


Additionally conversion from almost any format is possible. We then re-present the material to your specification. Recent projects have included restoration from 16mm Eastmancolor film with mag sound and Philips N1500 tape plus sound onto 8mm mag film.
We keep a small stock of players in trim for the most common formats.


See our YouTube for examples of our work with choirs and other, sometimes quirky, projects.